Effortless Proposal Creation

AI-Crafted Proposal for Commercial General Contractors. 

Better Proposals, More Projects, Less Effort.


Use AI to Win More Projects

Writing proposals is painful.  Finding the relevant information from historical records is time consuming, and drafting the marketing text that is relevant to the project is difficult.

Let Pursuit Zen's AI do the time consuming work for you.  Write an entire proposal, customized to the client's requirements, in minutes from start to finish. 

Submit more proposals.  Win more projects.  Experience Zen.

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Here’s all the good stuff

Harness AI Magic

Leverage your past projects and team experience to craft winning proposals effortlessly with Pursuit Zen

Stay on Track

Seamless collaboration between marketing and operations ensures on-time pursuits and avoids last minute proposal crunches

Find What You Need

A curated document library provides quick access to employee resumes, project profiles, and past proposals.

Win More Projects

Focus your Business Development efforts to uncover leads while Pursuit Zen handles your proposal writing needs.


What our customers say

"I used to spend hours searching through past proposals to find the right section to adapt. With Pursuit Zen that is done in seconds!”

"We are a small company, and I write all of our proposals. What used to take me three days a month is now done on a single afternoon."

"The document library is a game changer. The library used to be in my head and I was constantly answering questions for my team. Now, even new hires have the information they need at their fingertips!"


Have a Question?

What is Pursuit Zen?

Pursuit Zen is construction proposal management and creation software for commercial general contractors.  Pursuit Zen uses the magic of Artificial Intelligence to learn from your past proposals, team resumes, and project profiles, then uses what it has learned to write new proposals specifically tailored to your client's needs. 

Pursuit Zen also helps you manage the process by tracking the pursuits you have on the go, and allows you to assign and track tasks between team members who are collaborating on the pursuit together. 

How Does Pursuit Zen Work?

Pursuit Zen uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content and answer questions about your company from a data library of past proposals, employee resumes, and project profiles.  

The content created by Pursuit Zen is specific to the client and the needs of the specific pursuit - be it a new project, a request for qualifications, or just an informational package to promote your business. 

Is the Content Created Generic?

Absolutely not!  The content that Pursuit Zen creates is rooted in your actual company information, meaning that everything it writes is personalized to your company.  

When writing content to use in a proposal, Pursuit Zen considers the project information and owner's requirements to ensure the content is specific and relevant to any given pursuit.

What is a Collaborator?

Collaborators are individuals within your organization who don't usually write proposals in their day-to-day, but sometimes help out.  Collaborators can review owner documents, can be assigned tasks to complete, and can add their own content to pursuits in progress.  

Unlike full user accounts, collaborators can't update the document library or create new pursuits.

Is My Data Safe?

Yes, your data is safe!

We take safeguarding your company's data very seriously.   Your historical information, data library, inputs and outputs are NOT available to other customers, and are NOT used to improve any Pursuit Zen or other 3rd party products or services.

Customer data is collected and stored on company servers solely for the purpose of providing the service. We do not use customer data for any other commercial purposes. 

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